Mezza II Residences

Close to shopping and across from Central College on Aurora Boulevard is Mezza II Residences by SMDC. With 35 residential floors, Mezza II Residences stands in the heart of the University section of Quezon City, close to entertainment options, restaurants, and shopping. The complex offers 5 star accommodations, perfect for the student, family, or young professional.

As with all SMDC properties, Mezza II Residences provides safe, affordable housing for students attending the universities and colleges located in the area, making the complex perfect for students and parents alike. In addition, Mezza II Residences caters to young professionals and families employed by the various industries located within Quezon City, most notably the hospitals, broadcasting networks, communication companies, and other businesses and corporations. With the growth experienced in Quezon City, Mezza II Residences presents a luxurious and peaceful place to relax after a hard day’s work.

Quezon City

The history of Quezon City is a rich one. It was the starting point of the Philippine Revolution agains the Spanish Empire. On August 23, 1896, the revolution began in response to the banishment of José Rizal in 1892 and exposition of the Katipunan. The revolt ended in 1898 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Spanish-American War. This treaty gave the Philippines to the United States, ending Spanish rule in the islands, but denying independence to the country.

Quezon City is the largest and most populated city in Metro Manila, and was the capital of the Philippines from 1948 until 1976, when the National Capital Region or Metro Manila was formed. Named after the second President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon, who served from 1935 to 1944, Quezon City was his vision of a new capital for the Philippines, to replace the coastal capital of Manila. He believed that Manila was too close to Manila Bay, making it vulnerable to attack from the sea.

During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War II, Quezon continued to run his government in exile in the United States. It was during his time in the US that he died of tuberculosis. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery until the end of the war. His remains where taken back to Manila in 1945.

Youth Economy

While Quezon City is home to many industries, most notably most of the major broadcasting networks in the Philippines. ABS-CBN, GMA Network, UNTV, a number of other service-related businesses call this city home. Since about 40% of the population is under the age of 20 (as of 2010,) Quezon City has become aware of the youth market and actively promotes businesses that cater to the students and young professionals in the area. Almost 40 new businesses are registered every month and in a variety of industries. As of 2010, 30% of the business in the city was retail and 6% were eating establishments. The rest are primarily spread out between contractors, manufacturing, and financial institutions, as well as small independent businesses. This makes Quezon City the largest service economy in the Philippines.

In addition, Quezon City is also host to the major communications conglomerates in the country. Companies, such as Globe-Telecom-BayanTel, the largest cellular company in the Philippines, as well as, Digital have their offices located on Eulogio Rodriquez, Jr. Avenue. Since Generation Z demands the newest technology and faster digital service, it is certain that Quezon City will continue to attract new technology and cellular companies.

The Foodie Movement

With the popular social media apps, like Facebook and Snap Chat, the international foodie movement was born. Young Millennials started the phenomenon by posting dinner on the internet. Not to be outdone, Generation X carries on that tradition with style by trying to find the most unique places in a city to eat, see and be seen. Quezon City has jumped on the foodie train and unique restaurants, coffee shops, and street carts have blossomed in the city.

Stockwell Café + Lounge, located in the Cocoon Hotel,  is one popular spot. According to describes it as “Like riding a wave on a surf board…” While known for its coffee house atmosphere and coffee tastings that last hours, Stockwell Café + Lounge also offers all day food to bring out the foodie in even the most dour person. Breakfast through dinner offers gourmet delights ranging from delicious chicken sausage for breakfast to a perfectly cooked steak for dinner. Of course, Stockwell also has a wide selection of wine and liquors to complete your meal. You can even add a shot of something special to an amazing after-dinner coffee.

Students and young professionals have, pardon the pun, feed the foodie movement in Quezon City. Amazing restaurants around town can be fancy, like the Palm Grill, or a collection of food stations to tempt the palate, such as the Grub Hub where you can sample a variety of tastes in one location. The Foodie Movement is international and has lead to websites such as and recipes being posted on Pinterest, in every country in the world. As the country’s leader, one thing is sure, you’ll never go hungry in Quezon City!

Entertainment Options

With the foodie movement bringing in diners from all across Metro Manila, Quezon City offers entertainment options to keep the fun coming. Nightclubs abound where you can dance the night away. Museums, historical churches, city parks, monuments, and shopping, of course, are all within easy reach.

The Quezon Memorial Circle is the best known historical site and is dedicated to the second president of the Philippines. It is also his final resting place. Not far from there is the Barrio Pugad Lawin memorial and historical site. It is dedicated to the Katipunan and its founder, Andres Bonifacio. The memorial is located at the site where the Philippine Revolution began.

There is also the Santo Domingo Church, which is over 400 years old.

The Gateway Mall is the main shopping center in the area and offers an amazing floating garden to help shoppers stop and relax during their busy day. A stunning oasis of greenery, stunning palm trees, exotic foliage and hanging plants create a fantasy forrest in the middle of an urban jungle. Oh, the mall has great shopping and restaurants, too!

Universities In Quezon City

Quezon City is the most populous city in the Philippines, and most of that has to do with the universities located within its boarders. There are over 25 colleges and universities in the city, offering a wide range of degrees and certificates. The universities are all among the highest ranked in the country and in Asia. The two most well-known are Ateno De Manila University and the University of the Philippines, both of which are high-ranking research universities.

Ateneo De Manila University was founded in 1859 by the Society of Jesus. It is the third oldest university in the Philippines. The undergraduate curriculum is founded on and Catholic-based liberal arts program and offers a full-spectrum of degrees, ranging from arts and humanities to business, law and sciences. The university offers 48 Bachelor’s degrees, 53 Master’s degrees and 14 Doctoral degrees.

Ateneo De Manilia University also has four professional schools attached to its name, Ateneo Law School, Ateneo School of Government, Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health and the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Four Loyola Schools of arts and sciences are also part of the university system, and require a rigorous liberal arts core curriculum for all of its undergraduate students.

The University of the Philippines itself, was established in 1908 by the American colonial government and opened 15 campuses throughout the country. The University of the Philippines Diliman was established in 1949  as the national university of the Philippines’ flagship campus. It is the largest location of the University of the Philippines system, due to the number of degrees and academic units offered, the number of students attending, and its library resources. In fact, it’s library is the largest in the country and used by students attending the many universities located in Quezon City.

U.P. Diliman is composed of 26 different colleges, institutes, and schools. Bachelor’s degrees are granted in 70 different programs, 109 Master degrees are offered, and Doctoral degrees can be earned in 68 fields. The university also has a grand tradition of sports, with the team moniker, the Fighting Maroons. It participated in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines in sports such as Basketball, Volleyball,Track & Field, Swimming, and Fencing. The Swimming team has won 36 championships, in all categories.

Mezza II Residences

With all the employment and educational opportunities in Quezon City, Mezza II Residences, a SMDC condo complex, is the perfect place to position your pillow after a long day. Close to everything, this 5-star development the melds luxury and 24 hour security, to help balance your lifestyle and its activities.

As with all SMDC complexes, safety for your student or family is our most important concern. As parents, you want safe, affordable housing your child, no matter their age. Mezza II Residences delivers on this promise with 24/7 security. We provide CCTV systems, automatic fire detections and alarm systems, as well as plenty of fire exits. There is security in our Grand Lobby Entrance, all for the safety of our residents.

We have an adult pool and a kiddie pool, so that all our residents can enjoy a relaxing day after work or play, as well as a roof deck and sky lounge for getting together with friends. A playground will allow your children to exercise and play. Adults can exercise in the convenient in-house gym. We even have barbecue areas, so you can enjoy the outside. All the public areas are enabled with WIFi, so you are never out of the loop.


Since we are designed for young professionals and families, as well as students, there are a variety of floor plans in our building. With 1,324 units on 35 residential floors, you will find your perfect home here. You can choose from Studio, 1 or 2 Bedroom units

All of our units are made with the finest materials. The quality of the construction can be seen in the kitchen cabinets and the top-line appliances, as will as the tile work in the bathrooms. Mezza II Residences extends the luxury of you personal condo in to the amenities offered by the complex. In addition to the common areas, there are also retail shops and restaurants on the lower floors, as well as a supermarket.

Why Mezza II Residences Is A Good Investment

A condo at Mezza II Residences is an excellent investment opportunity. As more students enroll at the local schools and businesses open in the city, prices for such a convenient location could rise significantly. The return on your initial investment would be substantial, if your condo is sold at a much higher price than what you paid for it.

Another income stream for you would be the rental income your condo could provide. Not everyone wants to buy housing for their students.  The prefer to rent. You can chose to rent it long-term, but new websites also allow you to rent the condo for short-term periods. With websites such as and, renting out your condo is a snap.

Quezon City is a young city and will continue to grow during the next few decades. As it grows, opportunities for business will expand. And with the employment needs of those companies, and the excellent universities the area, the need for convenient housing will always be in high demand. SMDC’s Mezza II Residences extends that convenience with affordable housing in the heart of the action. SMDC’s Mezza II Residences - your new home!

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