Mezza II Residences - Towers

The high rise Mezza II Residences contains a total 1,324 residential units on 45 floors. At an average, 38 units are on a floor. 7th, 8th to 42nd and 43rd floor however have 37, 38 and 33 units respectively. A total of 269 parking slots are available.

It has a huge lounge and residential lobby along with reception and also has 5 elevators. A mail room which is centralized is also present. To ensure your safety, there are automatic fire alarm systems and enough fire exits. In case of power outage, a 100% backup generator is available which provides power supply for necessary equipments. Water supply is sufficient to meet daily needs.

From studio type to 1 bedroom unit to L-type bedroom and 2 bedrooms, you have a lot of unit choice to choose from. Finishing in all units is basic. Living, dining, kitchen and bedroom floors are tiled while toiled and bath have ceramic tiles. Walls are beautifully painted with semi-gloss finish. 1 Bedroom unit’s door is sliding glass while 2 Bedrooms have laminated wooden door.

Located alongside the Aurora Boulevard corner Guirayan Street, Brgy. Doña Imelda, Quezon City is the Mezza II Residences. Educational institutes such as Central Colleges of Manila and other top-notch universities in the University Belt are also just a walk away. It is also a few hundred meters away from SM Sta. Mesa so your shopping needs could be easily done. The access to LRT 2 V. Mapa Station is very easy; so if you are going to San Juan, Quezon City or Manila area, the train is easily accessible. Hospitals like UERM Memorial Medical Center are nearby. The St. Jude Church is also at a walking distance. Convenience and accessibility could be easily found at a place such as Mezza Residences II.

There is a Skylouge at the 7th floor to view the highlights of Manila. A swimming pool along with playground area for your children will keep your refreshed. Fitness gym to cater the needs of athletes. Also, a very unique Landscaped Open Spaces are present to enjoy your time with you family in the nature.

Mezza II Residences is one of the popular SMDC’s great development. The apartment is created with modern design; the residents surely enjoy themselves on its five-star amenities and the convenience that the residence brings to its inhabitants. The Mezza II Residences is indeed among the greatest premises you can call your home in Metro. Near the residence, there are various prominent Universities where the youths can attend to continue with their studies. The residence is also the perfect place where those who have personal businesses and the young professionals within the Metro. Mezza II Residences gives you a chance of having your own peace and comfort at your own home. The condo units are ready to be occupied, and one does not need to have any worries since they always find their personal space at the Metro. The residence is just perfect for both small and big families, businessman, students and young professionals. You will never regret on living in Mezza II Residences.

Living at Mezza II Residences bring individuals from the different cultures in the country together. The residents tend to socialize in different ways. With no socialization, kids have no chances of developing their future skills. Children who do not socialize take longer or may not know how to utilize the bathroom, walk, read, or talk. The kids who do not socialize tend develop mental and physical issues in the future. Not only the children benefit from socialization but also the teenagers, adults, and the old people. Through socialization, we establish the strong relationship with our neighbors. Staying at the Mezza II Residences play a great role in socialization.

All the highly rated amenities you require are all at the Mezza II Residences. The amenities are easily accessed a few meters away from your doorstep. All the amenities of the building are highly rated. Buy a condo unit at the Mezza II Residences to upgrade your lifestyle standards by enjoying the top-rated amenities.

Your Family Will Feel Safe and Protected Here

Safety is so important. It can be a driving force for where someone decides to live because the most important thing you will bring with you to your new home is your family. You should feel confident to know this area of Quezon City is safe, but there are also measures that have been taken to ensure your family is protected from fire, theft, or damages.

The complex is monitored with 24/7 security. The gated community has Closed-Captioned Television monitors in most public areas so that those going in and out can be seen. There is also security around-the-clock. With the gated community, only residents and legitimate visitors will be allowed in.

In the case of fire or emergency, there are alarms everywhere in the building, clearly marked fire exits, and sprinklers in locations as well. The alarms will alert you if you ever need to evacuate. The signs will tell you where to go, and the sprinklers will attempt to suffocate the fire until help arrives. While we hope to never have to use any of these safety measures, it should make you feel safe to know they are in place, just in case.

If you’re worried about what happens if the power were to ever go out, we have a solution. There is a generator that will keep some of the power going until the rest of the electricity is restored. It will allow each unit to have a light and a specified outlet to use one the generator power. Think about how frustrating it would be to lose all of your groceries if your refrigerator didn’t work for a few hours. That should be the number one thing you plug into the outlet so you can save all your food.

The SMDC Developers really thought of everything when they dreamt up the Mezza 2 Residences. The number one priority is to keep everyone who lives here safe.