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Mezza II Residences

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Aurora Boulevard corner Guirayan Street, Quezon City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: Starting at 36 sqm
Price Range: Php 4M and up


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Mezza II Residences By SMDC


After the success of Mezza Residences, here comes another bigger and better residential suite. Mezza Residence delights its residents with five star amenities. A residence that allows its residents to experience all the best at the heart of Sta. Mesa. The perfect venue for an exhilarating and exciting lifestyle has arrived at the doorstep of Quezon residents.

Nestled in the heart of Quezon city, Mezza II Residences offers more than anyone can imagine. At this residence, life remains to be a bliss. This 40 storey building is an ideal place to live for young professionals and students.

Why Mezza II Residences is the ideal place to own a home

Make something out of your life by living at Mezza II Residences. A place that is haven for many. This world renowned condo allows its residents to escape into their own area of quiet and peaceful environment. A home where the residents live a stress free life. Mezza II Residences is the perfect place to banish stress by nesting away from it all. This residence is where one can stay safe and comfortable all round the clock. Nothing compares to the lifestyle experienced at Mezza II Residences.

Mezza II Residences is the perfect place to build one's dreams. That perfect lifestyle is offered right here at this residence. This residence is the centre of the action. A residence where business meets pleasure in the most thrilling way. Mezza II Residences inspires its residents to grow both in the social life and in the business world. It elevates the quality of the residents' lives by inspiring them to pursue their dreams. A home that caters both for the professionals and those studying by creating a friendly environment for them is what Mezza II Residences is.

Mezza II Residences is the perfect definition of luxurious, rest, relaxation and comfortable living. These homes harmoniously integrate lifestyle and the best that there is to offer. The top notch amenities and first class services and features that are provided in this contemporary residence relieve the residents of stressful days by making them comfortable at all times. The residence takes those who reside there to new heights with its first rate amenities. It is always a vacation for those residing in these homes. For a heightened living experience, Mezza II Residences is definitely the place to be. The resort like amenities at the doorstep of the residents makes them live a premium lifestyle; a modern first-rate lifestyle. These favored residents enjoy elegant retreats all year round without having to leave their homes.

Enjoy the convenience of living in a prime location where everything is within reach. The residents of Mezza II Residences are surrounded by the magnificence of Quezon city. Thecrrsifence is minutes away from major commercial centres in the city. Furthermore key destinations are a few minutes away. The residence gives its residents a privileged lifestyle combining a convenient location with  the luxurious comfort of its signature amenities.

Apart from that, the unit have the finest finishings in order to make the homes long lasting and comfortable for the residents. The residents get to live in a home which is tastefully decorated and with first class finishings. Residents of Mezza II Residences have nothing to be disappointed at. The exceptional features are quite inviting.

The 10th-23rd floors are the perfect place to secure a home for those who want to have a pleasant view of the amenities right from their balconies. On the other hand, the 24th-42nd floors provide a panoramic view of the Antipolo city.

As a resident of Mezza II Residences life gets better day in day out. They get to live in a luxurious yet affordable home. For an ambiance of a superb dwelling, Mezza II Residences never fails to deliver that.

The joy of living in Quezon city, home of Mezza II Residences.

The modern residential unit, Mezza II Residences is located in this progressive city, Quezon.

Living in Mezza II Residences allows its residences to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of the popular Quezon city. The city gives a vibrant social life to its residents. Quezon elevates the quality of its residents' life to new heights. As a resident of Quezon, one has an opportunity to celebrate all of life's milestone in an exciting manner. It gives tgevresidents a chance to start life afresh in homes that inspires them. Quezon is a reflection of a superb dwelling. A lifestyle that is characterized by convenience and luxury. The city's exceptional features are inviting and makes its residents live a relaxed lifestyle.

Quezon provides premium living to its residents in a superb way. They get to enjoy the convenience of living minutes away from the best in the city. Shopping malls and shopping centres are just minutes away from the residential areas. Furthermore, these shopping malls have first-class goods and residents can get all their basic needs from here. The bargain centres offer goods and services at a cheaper and at affordable prices. The residents of this fast-paced city have nothing to complain about when it comes to shopping. Lifestyle malls are spread all over the city yo.make their lives easier and much more pleasant.

In addition, Quezon residences enjoy the best transport services in the country. The taxis are easily accessible and are the most comfortable means of transportation. Finding one is pretty easy as one just has to stand on the walkway and flag down a passing cab. Furthermore, they have their own parking areas which are not far from the central business district. As for the jeeps, they are the cheapest means of transportation and offer commuter services. Apart from that, the buses provide both commuter and intercity services. The train is always ready to provide intercity transport services.

Notably, the best schools in the country are found in Quezon. This city lets the students live large and enjoy the exciting school life. Quezon touches the lives of its residents every single day of their lives. Parenrs do not have to worry about their kids attending schools that are far from home as schools are few minutes walk from the residential areas.

In addition, medical centres are easily accessible from the residential areas. Quezon gives its residents a privileged lifestyle to get the best services within their reach. Life has never been this easier. The hospitals and clinics are a short walk from the residential homes. Furthermore, the central business district is not far from homes thus accessing the best medical services is quite easy.

Get to enjoy the world class live performances from bands in the bars and clubs of this warm city. This is something not to miss for anything. Quezon city is a city that never sleeps and if you can not bear the thought of sleeping on a Friday night, then this is the perfect place to be. For movies, the doors of the state-of-the-art cinema halls and the contemporary theatres are always open. Take that seat and wait to get some real entertainment and for partying and clubbing, there are many places to do so in this caring city. As a resident of Quezon city, boredom and loneliness are what you can never go through.

Celebrate your life's next phase in the warmth of Quezon city. A city that gives everyone the chance to converge with friends and family at the best places ever. Mezza II Residences allows its residents to enjoy this premium lifestyle.

5 things you did not know about Mezza II Residences

First, Mezza II Residences is the perfect reprieve for young and growing families. The units are quite spacious and the floor plan suits these families. But just to clear this up, the residence is not only for families but it is designed to cater for everyone's needs; students, professionals, business people etc. Moreover, Its facilities and amenities were developed with everyone in mind.

Second, Mezza II Residences boasts of resort like amenities and facilities which give the residents a five star lifestyle. The children have their play area. They do not have to stay indoors bored. In addition, there is a state-of-the-art swimming pool that is always waiting to give the residents a thrilling experience. As a resident at Mezza II Residences, let business go on right at your doorstep by just booking the function room. This magnificent residence is topped with the best of the best amenities and facilities. Furthermore, the handman services provided here ate nothing but excellent. As other people are busy whining about the incapacity of their homes, the residenys of Mezza II Residences are simply enjoying the blissful lifestyle given to them by the marvelous residence. A residence that offers a wide array of living options that are suited for the needs and lifestyle of its residents.

Third, convenience is Mezza II Residence's trademark. The residence is located at a close proximity to key destinations in the city. Furthermore, there is a commercial area at the ground floor thus making it easy for the residents to access basic needs. The fact that there are five star amenities at the residents' doorstep means that they do have to leave the comfort of their homes in search for relaxation and fun. The residents of these homes are living the five star lifestyle that most of us think that it is only possible in the movies where everything is perfect and within reach. The elegant residential suites ensure that they live that luxurious, stylish and convenient lifestyle.

In addition, Mezza II Residences enables the residents to live best of the two worlds; the business and the social life. This residence harmoniously integrates these two into a seamless beautiful lifestyle. These world class amenities and first rate facilities make it this fusion possible. You should live where you thrive and that is why Mezza II Residences have it all.

Finally, Mezza II Residences offers a panoramic view of the Antipolo on selected units, that is, 24th to 42nd floors. Life is always good for those who live here.

Why you should invest in a home at Mezza II Residences

Why not invest in a home at this blissful residence? There is all the reasons that there can ever be.

Invest in a home that will make you feel at peace after coming from that stressful workplace or school. Nothing is more comforting than the feeling of having your own place to go after a long, tiresome and disappointing day.

Mezza II Residence is the place to be. A residence that is close to the best of Quezon. Top schools, mega malls and shopping centres, the best hospitals in the country and much more. Quezon is thronged by thousands of people in search of services and finding yourself living here especially a short walk from the city's central business district is the best thing ever as it means that everything is within reach, be it entertainment, recreational centres, everything and anything is almost within an arm's reach. Live like a boss because you are one.

Invest in a home at Mezza II Residences. A home that has the finest amenities but is very affordable. This residence's resort style amenities take centre stage but still the residents do not gave to shell out loads of money in order to use them. Mezza II Residence heightens the living experience of their residents as it gives them more for less. A residence whose terms of payment are as flexible as a germinating twig.

No other residence compares to Mezza II Residences. Invest in a home that will make you to always want to walk through that elegant lobby. A lobby that welcomes you with style and sophistication. There is nowhere else you will be welcomed in your home apart from Mezza II Residences and that is definitely why you should make a point of picking that phone and dialing SMDC's number in order to secure a home here.

Wish you were living here? Well, your dream is just a phone call away.

SMDC, Mezza II Residences, Condo for Sale in Quezon City, Philippines. For price list, model house, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. If you're looking to find SMDC, Mezza II Residences for Sale, then check here first. We have full details of SMDC, Mezza II Residences for Sale updated regularly. Everything you need to know about SMDC, Mezza II Residences Condo buying process, broken down into stages. Includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price.

Mezza II Residences - Location & Vicinity

Mezza II Residences is strategically located in Dona Imelda, Quezon City along Aurora Boulevard corner, along Guirayan Street at Brgy. Near the residences, there are educational institutions such as the Central Colleges of Manila and other top universities within the University Belt. The apartment is also few meters away from the SM Sta. Mesa; hence, one can easily do all his or her shopping needs. It is also easy to access LRT 2 V. Mapa Station. Hence, it is easy to access the relevant areas in Manila. Near the premises, there are also many reliable hospitals such as the UERM Memorial Medical Center where people are well attended to by the nurses and doctors. There are also churches meters away from the apartment. One of the modern churches in the area is the St. Jude Church. All the residents easily find accessibility and convenience just in one place at Mezza II Residences.

Located right beside Mezza Residences, Mezza II Residences is very ideal for young professionals and students. Topped with five-star amenities such as swimming pools, function rooms, and a Sky Lounge with a breath-taking view of Metro Manila. With sweeping panoramic view of Metro Manila, Mezza II Residences offers studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units fitted with picture windows and high ceilings, giving owners a bright and spacious home.


  • Near LRT2 V. Mapa Station
  • Near SM City Sta. Mesa
  • Beside Schools and Hospitals


  • University of the East Ramon Magsaysay (UERM)
  • Central College of the Philippines (CCP)
  • St. Paul Quezon City
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary Colleges

Commercial Areas

  • SM City Sta. Mesa (Centerpoint)
  • Savemore (Mezza 1)
  • Puregold Price Club


  • San Juan City Hall
Mezza II Residences Location

Mezza II Residences - Photo Gallery

Real Estate Photo Gallery

Amenity Area

Amenity Area

Amenity Area

Amenity Area

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Building Facade

Building Facade

Dressed-up Model Unit

Dressed-up Model Unit

Reception Area

Reception Area

Mezza ll

Mezza ll

Mezza ll

Mezza ll

Grand Lobby

Grand Lobby



Roof Top

Roof Top



Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge



Living Room

Living Room



Mezza II Residences - Features & Amenities

Complete with five star facilities and amenities, Mezza II Residences include 25 meter lap pool, a sky lounge, function rooms, residential lobby with reception and lounge, four levels of parking spaces, a stand-by power generator, and commercial and retail establishments, among others.

Mezza II Residences has a total of one thousand three hundred and twenty-four Residential condo units with thirty-five floors. The average number of condo units in each floor is thirty-eight units. However, the seventh floor consists of a total number of thirty-seven condo units while 42nd down to the 8th floor each consist of thirty-eight condo units. The 43rd floor consists of a total number of 33 condo units. There is a total number of two hundred, and sixty-nine parking spaces with a provision of seven motorcycle and 23 car lift slots.

Mezza II Residences has a welcoming residential lobby with lounge and reception that serve all its inhabitants with its five elevators. The presence of many elevators is convenient as well as do away with commotion within the vicinity. The five elevators are convenient since it will be easy for the residents to access their homes faster by not waiting for a working elevator to halt. The elevators also assist the residents not to get tired of going up through the many stairs to reach their homes. The apartment has a service elevator and small passenger elevators which the inhabitants use to access up to the last floor.

At the apartment, there is a commercial place on the ground floor. The commercial place has hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, a mall, and much more. The prominent hotels in the premises cook both nation and international food to the visitors. One great thing about the hotels is that they are well decorated and the residents can their loved ones for dinner as well as dates. The hotels operate both at daytime and at night. Hence, those who get home during the late hours and are so tired to cook can take something at the opened hotels. The Mall at the vicinity has most of the items that the inhabitants may need. Also, if an individual requires opening his or her shop in the apartment, there are more available stores where he or she buy one. Why wait? Just purchase one of the condo units at Mezza II Residences and get the privilege to enjoy all these steps away from your home.

One unique feature that is at Mezza II Residences is the presence of a Standby Generator that is at the Select Condo Unit Outlets as well as the common areas. All of the appliances the residents use in their homes need a well-maintained power that is provided at the Mezza II Residences. In a case of power failure, the standby generator acts as a power back-up. Therefore, the people living in the premises are assured the twenty-four-hour availability of electric power. Who would want to stay in a place where there are electric power issues? Purchase a condo unit at the Mezza II Residences to avoid all the electric power problems you are experiencing in your current residential place.

The Mezza II Residences is created by the prominent SMDC to have a centralized garbage collection area. The Centralized Garbage System is important due to the great hygiene for the inhabitants and the residence in general. The individual staying at the apartment worry less of where to dispose of their waste because of the presence of centralized disposal area. A centralized garbage system is of great importance at the Mezza II Residences since the waste products are easy to dispose of, and the garbage collators find it easy to choose the waste products which can be recycled and used to create other useful products.

There are automatic fire sprinklers that are strategically placed in various locations within the apartment. The automatic fire sprinklers were placed in the building because they are one of the effective and convenient ways to do away with fire outbreak in its early phase just before it results in accidental injury to the individuals and harm their valuable property in their premises. The automatic fire sprinklers in the area are important because they automatically take action to the high temperatures from the condo units of the individuals. Therefore, those living in the Mezza II Residences have to worry no more of the fire outbreaks in the premises. Another importance reason of having the specially automated fire sprinklers is that they offer discounts on the insurance premiums. Hence, helping people to have fewer worries regarding their valuable properties being destroyed by any fire outbreaks.

The Mezza II Residences has a mailroom where the individuals can access their important letters and documents sent to them. All they need to do is to alter their current address to the Mezza II Residences’ address for them to be able to get their mails just near their homes. Therefore, there will be no need to go at the postal place to get their mails since all their mails can be accessed at the mailroom which is in the apartment.

Worrying if the vicinity has plenty water to support all its inhabitants? You have to worry no more because the Mezza II Residences has an overhead water tank which plays a great role in supplying enough water in each condo unit. The residents can perform all their laundry as well as clean their cars, and much more with the available enough water.

It is convenient and secure to live at the Mezza II Residences since the security is well-monitored. There is also a twenty-four-hour system which monitored by the project management services. There are various CCTV cameras in different places in the residences that are well-monitored. Therefore, the individuals worry less regarding their security while at the premises. Also, the condo units have maintained alarm alert systems that will always alert you and the authorities of any case of any home breakings. The CCTV cameras are also placed at the parking place where all the cars and motorbikes are properly monitored.

  • Grand Lobby
  • Passengers and Service Elevators
  • Centralized Mailroom
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sky Lounge
  • Function Room

Mezza II Residences - Price List

Unit Type Final Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
L-type Unit ₱ 3,969,000 37.74 sqm
1 Bedroom + Garden ₱ 4,100,000 38.34 sqm
1 Bedroom End Unit ₱ 3,990,000 36.49 sqm
1 Bedroom End Unit + Balcony ₱ 4,303,000 45.04 sqm
1 Bedroom End Unit + Garden ₱ 7,262,000 70.04 sqm
2 Bedroom End Unit ₱ 6,298,000 58.84 sqm
Regular Parking ₱ 865,000 12.50 sqm
Parking + Car Lift Provisions ₱ 830,000 12.50 sqm

Mezza II Residences - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
100% Spot Cash with 9% Discount on the List Price
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
Php 50,000 Retention Fee Upon Unit Turnover
Option 2: Deferred Cash
100% Deferred Cash in 18 months
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
Option 3: 10-90 Spot Down Payment Scheme
10% Spot Down Payment with 10% Discount
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
90% Balance payable over 18 months
Option 4: 20-80 Spot Down Payment Scheme
20% Spot Down Payment with 10% Discount
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
80% Balance payable over 18 months
Option 5: 10-90 Spread Down Payment Scheme
10% Spread Down Payment payable in 18 months
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
90% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance
Option 6: 15-85 Spread Down Payment Scheme
15% Spread Down Payment payable in 18 months
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
85% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance
Option 7: 20-80 Spread Down Payment Scheme
20% Spread Down Payment payable in 18 months
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
80% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance
Option 8: 10-10-80 Spot Down Payment Scheme
10% Spot Down Payment with 5% Discount
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
10% Payable over 18 months
80% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance
Option 9: 20-10-70 Spot Down Payment Scheme
20% Spot Down Payment with 5% Discount
Due within after 30 days of Reservation Fee
10% Payable over 23 months
70% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance

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Why You Should Invest In  Mezza II Residences

Near Manila’s University Belt

Located next to SM Sta.Mesa from the LRT 2 V. Mapa Station, the Mezza II Residences stands towering above the rest. The residence also stand side by side with the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay (UERM). The Mezza II is also located in front of UERM Memorial Medical Center, Immaculate Heart of Mary Colleges, Central Colleges of the Philippines, and is near other prestigious schools in Manila. This area is dubbed as one of the city’s University Belts as more than dozens of private schools and state colleges are scattered in between blocks near the site, which are the finest schools and colleges in the land. Bringing your children here to live will make them as scholarly as possible as their academic pursuits will be as intense as ever.

4 levels of parking space

The Mezza II Residences has 4 levels of parking spaces dedicated solely for its residents. Bringing in your car is not a problem. It has also the most secured parking system in the whole metropolis. Just like caring for the physical safety of your family, even your vehicle is taken cared of by responsible security personnel. Additionally, high-tech parking system also regulates the efficient traffic flow in this area.


Being at the center of the University Belt, the Mezza II commands one of the most reasonable prices in the industry. SMDC is capitalizing in its current standing on the real estate industry in the country and its efficient construction schedule which bring the cost down. But quality, design, and planning are not sacrificed, unlike most of its competitors.

Diverse payment methods

To give you an idea of how easy it is to invest in the Mezza II Residences, here is one example of an option:

Option 9: 20-10-70 (Spot Down Payment Scheme)

  • 20% - Spot Down Payment with 5% Discount (Due within 30 days after Reservation Fee).
  • 10% - Payable over 23 months.
  • 70% - Balance payable thru Cash or bank Financing, in equal and low monthly amortizations.

Contact or chat with our agents on this website 24/7, and they are ready to assist you with other details about payment, etc.

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